Commercial Decking

Commercial Decking For Bedford and the Surrounding Area


Who does not want decks that are durable, sturdy and most importantly, that do not need frequent oiling and painting? We are well aware of your desires and needs for commercial decks. You can be sure of keeping the termites away when you have your decks installed by Bedford Decking And Fencing. They are resistant to environmental hazards too.

Our commercial decking boards are built to last long and can be used for a wide variety of projects. We also give you the freedom to choose the best deck suitable for your atmosphere and also serves your purpose. Our decks are designed specially to be able to handle the harsh environmental conditions it may encounter.

Bedford Fencing and Decking takes care of each and every aspect for your commercial decking purpose. No matter how complex the design or installation is, as we operate all over Bedfordshire, we are experienced in managing everything you look for. We can work with all sorts of commercial decks, be it for your commercial residence or business institution.


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Our Team

Bedford Decking and Fencing are comprised of a professional team of installers who have expert hands in designing and installing custom-built decks for balconies and any other part of your commercial property. We personally visit your location once you approach us with your queries or after you have chosen our free quote service. This is because we believe in inspections before sealing a work deal. Visiting your location and understanding your needs, before suggesting to you the best option is our foremost responsibility and we always maintain this.

But before choosing a deck for your residence, you must know that there are significant code differences that you need to be aware of. Building a commercial deck on a restaurant or other commercial establishment can be a great way to expand your business. You are already well aware that the movement and interaction of people of a locality play an integral part in the planning and designing of public places. It can be surprising to know how many variables exist of a deck design at locations such as a restaurant, daycare or an apartment. So, be careful while planning to construct a deck for your property. The basic design of a deck at any commercial establishment is most appropriately the job of a registered company that is an expert at commercial decking installation,
If you need a helpful review and guidance by a professional team, we are here for you. There are also many factors that restrict the changes of elevation on commercial decks.

Whatever your requirement is, we, at Bedford Fencing and Decking, never fail to serve you perfectly. We have a vast array of deck designs and styles to install and also servicing and repair options.

Starting from conceptualizing to completing your decking project – we try to make everything smooth and flawless for you.