Residential Decking

Residential Decking For Bedford and the Surrounding Area

Decks can be defined as a more advanced form of floors that support weight and are, mostly, constructed outdoors. The major difference between a floor and a deck is that decks are raised up from the base.

Residential decks, that our company offers all over Bedfordshire, contain spaces for all your needs – be it dining, cooking, or seating. You can also choose to incorporate outdoor seating arrangements when you have enough space available on your deck. You must be aware that the deck is a platform generally made out of wood and is attached to your residual area. The construction of these decks can also take place over steep or rough areas. We often try to cover the decks with a pergola or canopy that prevents sunlight from destructing the materials. Our expert team has certain great ideas about fencing and decking that will tend to enhance the beauty of your home along with serving the purpose.


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Types of Decking

Before you plan to opt for a deck for your residence, we would like to give you a brief idea about all the decks that we provide in our service chart. This will help you to learn about the various decks and also it will be easier for you to choose one for yourself.

Softwood Decking

Let us first introduce you to softwood decking. Our softwood decking is machined from high-quality timber and we ensure that they will last longer as our team provides a supreme quality finish. We will never give you a single scope to worry about decaying or rotting of the material. Due to availability, cost-effectiveness and smooth installation method, around 80% of our customers opt for softwood decking. But nevertheless, after we have explained to you about all the decking options we offer, you are free to choose and we promise to give you solid advice if you are unsure.

Hardwood Decking

The next one is hardwood decking which is made up of different broadleaved trees. This kind of decking can be quite expensive and also requires the utmost care to work with. We present a vivid range of colorful hardwood decking and you can choose any of the attractive colors that are available. Bedford Fencing and Decking assures to serve you the most durable, stable and luxurious decking. Moreover, if you do not want to be burdened with the daily maintenance of your deck, feel free to seek the help of our servicing team. We are readily available in any part of Bedfordshire.

Composite Decking

It is everyone’s desire to possess decks for their properties that have an ample amount of strength and durability. Even we believe that the decking material should be powerful enough to resist the manmade hazards as well as environmental corrosive agents. Thus, we have included the composite decking as one of the most integral options in our list. They are new wooden plastic composites that are corrosive agent resistant and can be used in a wide range of circumstances. We construct them in a way to style with your swimming pools, gardens, and other surroundings.