Residential Fencing

Residential Fencing For Bedford and the Surrounding Area

There are various reasons why you might be interested in building a residential fence. It may be due to your property’s unique features or to safeguard it or just to enhance the appeal in an innovative way. While it may seem simple to choose a fence for your property, the varied range of options often make it confusing and tough to find the right type. To ease your concern, we, at Bedford Decking And Fencing, offer the most integral ranges of fencings, according to your requirements and at an affordable rate. For your convenience, we would like to describe each range briefly so that you are introduced to the services well and can then request one of our free quotes.


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Types Of Fencing

Close-board/feather board fencing

The first one in our service list is Close-board/ feather board fencing. Close board fencing is made up of posts and rails while the latter is generally fixed vertically to the rails. Both these kinds are reliable and sturdy to protect your habitat. Our close board or feather board fencing is made up of highly furnished materials and is also available in various styles. This means that you can have confidence while choosing this amongst others and be worry-free regarding your purchase and installation payment.

Overlap Panel Fencing

The second one is Overlap panel fencing. Let us have a quick look about its features and benefits. Comprising of a sturdy frame and vivid styles, our overlap panel frames are consistent in their quality and we also offer a unique nailing pattern that provides the fence lifelong durability. They are also suitable for almost every environmental change.

Timber palisade or picket fencing

The next one among our range is Timber palisade or picket fencing. To understand the description of this particular fencing, we will just explain to you the meaning of palisade first. A palisade is nothing but a defensive wall made up of timber or also iron or wooden stakes. The picket fencing, on the other hand, is the pierce shaped barriers which has originated from the term French “piquet” or “piquer” meaning to pierce. Undoubtedly, this sort of fence tends to provide an additional defensive level to your property.

Hit & Miss fencing

We also deal with several Hit and Miss Fencing, where the styling pattern is shown in a unique way – by fixing the wooden stakes alternately in front and back. As you can now get an idea, this particular type is aimed to contribute to adding beauty along with safeguarding your property. Being passionate about the satisfaction of our customers, we use planed boards so that the finish is smoother along with a high-quality feel.

Timber and Metal Gates

In order to move away slightly from the stereotypical gates, Bedford Decking And Fecning has included the usage of timber and metal gates in its service list. We have a vivid collection of timber gates, made of polished and highly furnished woods and also gates made from metal, the vast majority being constructed by wrought iron and steel.

We are aware of the modern trends and hence, attempt to provide our customers with different ranges of fences that are in use currently. We would be happy to give you the freedom to choose from our service layout and allow us to work on it in order to establish a successful result for your project.

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